News - 2012/4

Alberta's Political Leaders Respond to Election Questions on Catholic education in the province

As part of the ACSTA's ongoing election coverage, we posed a series of questions to the leaders of all the political parties in Alberta. We have asked for their party's stance on the following 3 questions related to Catholic education:

1. Does your party support Catholic schools that are publicly funded, by Catholic ratepayers through taxation?

2. If your party forms the next government will you reintroduce Bill 2 in its most current amended form (includes the amendments related to shared facilities and blended boards as introduced in Committee of the Whole)?

2a. If Bill 2 is reintroduced, will your party remove section 16, pertaining to the Human Rights Code, of the Bill?

These are the responses we have received thus far...

2012-04-12 9:48AM
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