News - 2015/3

Statement regarding the passing of Bill 10 - March 11, 2015

We believe that Catholic Schools will be able to work with the legislation passed in the legislature on March 10, 2015. Every child is a child of God who is valued and respected and every child will continue to have a place where they feel welcome as an important member of our community.

Alberta’s Catholic Schools have always supported our most vulnerable students as evidenced with our Safe and Caring Learning Environments policy. We anticipated the amendments in Bill 10, and accordingly, our Catholic superintendents proactively began to develop the more comprehensive LIFE Framework – a guideline for student advocacy, peer support, or counselling groups. As a result, every student will have a safe place where they feel supported. We will be able to help all students who are struggling.

The amendments allow local schools and school boards the flexibility needed to respond to students needs at a local level. The legislation now addresses all vulnerable students, something our organization has been advocating since the bill was initially introduced.

Tony Sykora
ACSTA President

2015-03-11 9:16AM
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