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Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association Celebrates National Aboriginal Day

June 21, 2016

Today we celebrate the 20th Annual National Aboriginal Day and the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association (ACSTA) would like to take the time to recognize that we as a provincial organization through our member boards, work in a collaborative and unique way with the Indigenous peoples on Treaties 6, 7, 8 and 11 land.

The First Peoples of this land held it as sacred ground. In recognition of this, we would like to note that we are all common brothers and sisters who are grounded in creation by the spirit of our Creator, whom we all turn to for guidance, hope and trust.

There has been much pain and hurt in the lives of many First Nations peoples caused through both the actions and inactions of our provincial and federal governments, churches and schools on this land. Catholic schools today can play an extremely important and positive role in healing this pain.

Reconciliation and healing are noble goals, and something we at the ACSTA, in solidarity with our member school boards, will work hard to achieve so that our future will be one of peace, friendship, and unity with our Lord God the Creator.

Prayer for: National Day of Prayer in Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples, 2015 (CCCB)

O Great Creator, we give praise and thanks to You for our lives and world. You make all things new and good, and you invite your peoples throughout creation to receive and share all that is good with each other. Thank you for how wonderfully and intimately You share Your life with us all. Likewise, we seek deepening relationships with each other and all Creation.

We commit to live and work with one another – our families; our communities; all cultures, nations, and peoples – in union with Mary, all the Saints, and our Grandfathers and Grandmothers who have gone before us and inspire us. We thank Your Great Holy Spirit for the great variety of gifts and talents You give Your people, and we commit to always using Your blessings to help one another and all Creation.

Dean Sarnecki
Executive Director

Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association
#205, 9940 - 106 Street
Edmonton AB T5K 2N2
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2016-06-21 1:55PM
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