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Choosing Catholic Education in Alberta

February 7, 2017

Alberta’s Catholic Schools have always been places where our Catholic faith plays a vital role in the learning development of our students. The Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association (ACSTA) would like to offer the points below to clarify that Catholic schools in Alberta are not just another school system, or substitute offering, but rather are schools with a Catholic centered view which permeates the whole learning experience.

  • Catholicism and Catholic education is not an alternative program offered in a secular school but a worldview, encompassing a Christian perspective, imbued with the Spirit, taught by faith witnesses who are more than teachers but sacraments to God’s grace, and Catholicism is permeated throughout the curriculum, as well as school life in general, be it through sports or extracurricular activities.
  • As per the School Act, section 21 (RSA 2000 Chapter S-3) Catholic Education is not and cannot be defined as an Alternative Program: Offering An Alternative Program (as per Alberta Education – Alternative Programs Handbook 2010

Definition.... School Act, section 21 (RSA 2000 Chapter S-3)

21 (1) b. “that is not a special education program, a program referred to in section 10 or religious education offered by a separate school board”

  • We have Catholic schools that serve Alberta and those choosing a Catholic permeated education. We believe Catholic religion courses belong in fully permeated Catholic schools.


The ACSTA represents 24 Divisions with Catholics schools and approximately 153 trustees, who in turn serve more than 170,000 students.

For more information or media inquiries, please contact us at:

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2017-02-07 2:58PM
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