Called to this Vocation - Serving as a Catholic School Trustee

Trustee Election Guidebook

Alberta Municipal Elections are on October 16, 2017! Trustee Nomination date has now passed.

Are you called to this vocation? Are you considering running to be a Catholic School Trustee?

The ACSTA is pleased to release our Catholic School Trustee 2017 Election Guidebook. This booklet contains all the information one needs if they are thinking of running for trustee.

This booklet is meant to explore the unique place that Catholic schools have in Alberta. In addition, it will define the role of the Catholic school trustee and inform Catholic school electors of their unique role in the Catholic partnership between school, home, and parish. This booklet is intended only as an introduction and guide. For additional information, please contact your local Catholic school board, Alberta Education, the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association, or the Alberta School Boards Association.

What does a Catholic School Trustee Do?

  • As Catholic trustees, Catholic education is entrusted to us. We must hold within ourselves a deeper understanding of and commitment to the nature of Catholic education.
  • As Catholic trustees, we ensure that the essence of Catholic education, formed through partnership of home, school and parish, is recognized and supported in the political arena.
  • As Catholic trustees, we ensure the support and encouragement of our teachers and school staff by providing them with opportunities for faith formation
  • As Catholic trustees, we ensure that our educational leaders are able to examine their unique role in shaping the faith life of their school.
  • As Catholic trustees, we ensure that our students are seen as individuals and given the chance to study in a learning environment permeated by Gospel values and sacramental life.
  • As Catholic trustees, we are evangelizers of the good news of Christ in all aspects of our lives.
  • As Catholic trustees, we are stewards of our Catholic faith; with care, we tend to it in our own lives and we foster it in the lives of all whom we encounter
  • Catholic school trusteeship is a unique vocation which serves the Church and the community. The Catholic school trustee plays an integral part in ensuring that Christ is the heart and soul of every Catholic school. The uniqueness of Catholic education lies in the fact that its purpose and end is holiness.

For more information on Catholic schools in Alberta, Northwest Territories, and Yukon, please contact the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association or your local Catholic school board.

In order to assist with this the ACSTA has prepared the following information booklet for interested Catholics on the role of being a Catholic trustee, as well as the information and guidelines you need to know to run in the election. The booklet is located here:

Called to this Vocation - Serving as a Catholic School Trustee

Appelé À Cette Vocation: Servir en tant que conseiller scolaire catholique (2013 Version)

You may also be assisted by the following legislation:

The Local Authorities Election Act

The School Act

Alberta Education has a School Boards Election page with a lot of resources which can be found by clicking here.

The Alberta School Boards Association also has informaiton on their website. Please see this link: ASBA

If you would like to encourage others to become a Catholic School Trustee, please download and print our election posters: English Version and French Version.

On October 16, 2017 become a Catholic School Trustee!