The Alberta Catholic School Trustees' Association represents Catholic trustees in Alberta, Northwest Territories and Yukon.

Who we are: 


Celebrate, preserve, promote and enhance Catholic education.


"That all have access to a publicly funded Catholic education."

Core Purpose

We are committed to a unified voice providing spiritual and political leadership for publicly funded Catholic education.

Our beliefs:

  • Catholic education is a unique partnership between the school, home, and parish. Together, this partnership seeks to develop a student’s whole person by integrating academic excellence, social development and faith formation. The central focus of Catholic education is learning about Jesus Christ and living in relationship to his teachings.
  • Catholic Schools are distinctive faith communities that nurture the spiritual, academic and physical needs of students through the integration of the Alberta Education curriculum with gospel values and sacramental life. Christ is the centre of the Catholic school and his presence and teachings permeate the school building.
  • Catholic schools offer an integrated curriculum of faith formation and academic development in an effort to form the student’s whole person. This puts Catholic schools in a unique position within the publicly-funded education system, one that is celebrated by the community and guided by the work of the Catholic school trustee.

Did you know?

ACSTA represents 24 member boards, educating over 183,500 students in 450 Catholic schools

Catholic schools have been operating since the 1840’s - well before Alberta became a province

ACSTA was formed in 1966 to support Catholic School Trustees and to provide opportunities for trustees to discuss issues important to Catholic education.

Catholic schools are all-inclusive, welcoming school communities where all students are cherished as gifts from God.

Catholic Schools are different than Public Schools

Alberta Catholic schools are distinct from public schools. Catholic schools are faith-based schools whose educational purpose is not only the transmission of knowledge; but also, the formation of the whole person in terms of body, mind and spirit. Alberta Catholic ratepayers represent approximately one quarter of Alberta’s tax revenue base and fund Catholic schools through their property, income and other taxes.

Catholic and Public School Boards work together to create efficiencies

Catholic and Public school boards save taxpayers millions of dollars each year through a variety of partnerships such as co-operative school financing, purchasing, transportation, energy management and other shared services.

Catholic school students come from all faiths and backgrounds - Parents choose Catholic schools for their children

Although it is the constitutional mandate of Catholic schools to provide Catholic education to Catholic students, non-Catholic students can, and are welcome to attend Catholic schools. Catholic schools welcome all faiths and backgrounds. Our schools provide a choice to parents who want a spiritual, faith based learning enviornment, where the teachings of Christ are central to the mission and vision of the educational experience.

Catholic schools are all inclusive, welcoming school communities

Students of all races, cultures and backgrounds attend and learn together in Catholic schools, just as they do in public schools; all are welcome.

Our students are taught to respect and affirm the diversity and interdependence of the world’s people, religions and cultures.

Respecting principles of diversity and inclusion are central in the teachings of the Catholic Church and thus learning about other religious beliefs is integral to the Catholic school curriculum.

Our Catholic schools are all-inclusive and we instil in students the values of tolerance, respect, love of neighbour and community service. Catholic schools share a foundaitonal belief that all children are loved by God, are individually unique and that the school has a mission to help each student to fulfill their God-given potential in all aspects of their person: physically, academically, socially, morally and spiritually. Therefore, all students, regardless of background, heritage, race, economic and societal status, are accepted and supported in a safe and caring learning environment - as evidenced by our support of:

  • Safe and Caring Learning Environment Policy
  • Commitment to Inclusive Communities
  • LIFE Framework